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Access All Areas – The Therapy Room with Dr Amy Talbot

Have you ever wondered what actually happens behind that closed door in a psychologist’s office? Perhaps you have seen psychologists on TV and so predict that you would lie down on a couch and explore deep seated concerns. Perhaps you have considered seeing a psychologist but thought “That’s not really for me”. Do you wonder what psychologists actually do and feel sceptical about whether a psychologist could actually assist you with your life goals and aspirations or with the difficulties you are struggling with at present? Perhaps you just have questions about mental health, parenting, resources or personal development and are not sure where to get helpful answers. Then this blog is for you.

Hi, my name is Amy and I am a clinical psychologist working in private practice in Norwest, Sydney. I am passionate about assisting people to develop and apply effective skills and techniques to solve everyday life struggles such as managing sibling conflict and developing assertive communication skills. I love seeing people of all ages and backgrounds using their own strengths and experience to adapt and apply psychological tools in new and creative ways.

However, for many people I have spoken to, gaining access to these tools in the first place is often hindered by a number of challenges. For starters, confusion and uncertainty about what psychologists actually do can present a barrier for many in accessing support and information to assist with many normal everyday life struggles. There is a widely held view that things have to get “really bad” before it is worth seeing a psychologist and that we “should be able to manage on our own”. Both of these views can make it difficult for individuals to take the step of speaking to a psychologist directly. As a result many people turn to the reliable Dr Google to search for advice in managing their daily difficulties and are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of material, advice and pop psychology, most of which is contradictory. This makes accessing timely and helpful advice very difficult and often leads people to feel confused and overwhelmed.

This blog was developed with two aims in mind; to demystify the therapy experience and make psychological information widely accessible. It is written in the hope that it will assist parents, carers, teachers, friends and family members to navigate through the wealth of information that is available online to find the stuff that works. Each blog post will provide an answer to a commonly asked question about a wide range of topics including what happens in therapy, parenting issues, mental health concerns, resources and tips to develop life skills or support loved ones experiencing hard times. Through this process I hope that more people will come to understand the role that psychologists can play in assisting with many normal everyday issues and will be confident to ask for assistance knowing that seeing a psychologist for advice and support is not as scary and intimidating as they first thought.

So if you have questions and are curious whether a psychologist can help with a specific issue then please feel free to submit a question below or through our general enquiry form on our website. I would love to hear from you.